The Ashley
Interchangeable Earrings- MINI- $28

These very cool sterling silver earrings come with a magnetic mechanism that allows you to change out the accent bead as you choose for a whole new look! Just remove the base set and add a different set of danglers!!

The mini Ashley is similar to the small AshleyT in style but it is a bit smaller. The mini Ashley looks best with very small danglers that won't hang outside of the hoop (though sometimes that looks cool, too!)

There are limitless options for the danglers- In fact, you tell us what color and/ or shape you want, and we will make it for you!

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dang dangler danglers
Danglers- SMALL-
$12 per pair or
$10 per pair for two or more sets

dangle dang dangle
Danglers- LARGE-
$16 per pair or
$14 per pair for two or more sets